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Lead-acid storage batteries.
Research. Development. Manufacturing.

Founded in 1992, our company is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial batteries in Ukraine. The Vladar accumulators well proved in many countries, in different industries.

Where do our products work:


We have been producing railway batteries for over 25 years. Many diesel locomotives and passenger cars are equipped with batteries of TM “Vladar”. At almost every crossing, you can find ABN or OPzS batteries designed and manufactured by our experts. Traction substations and communication centers – here you can also find our stationary batteries.

Energy and Communication

It is simply impossible to imagine modern life without electricity and communications. People need them constantly. We understand it and therefore we pay particular attention to the quality and reliability of our batteries for power plants and communication centers. Stationary batteries TM “Vladar” are supplied to many countries, from Spain to Kazakhstan.

Warehouse and Logistics

In almost any business, a warehouse is one of its most important parts. The rhythm and speed of the warehouse depends on the work of loading equipment. So we do our best for your forklifts never stop. We can offer the widest range of traction batteries for electric forklifts and other vehicles, as well as modern chargers for them.

Private PV-systems

In order to always have light in your house, conventional power supply sometimes is not enough (especially outside of big cities). To ensure that power outages will never break your plans, we have developed our own line of hybrid inverters and autonomous battery systems of any capacity.

Our products:


Sealed VRLA stationary batteries with GEL electrolyte.


Stationary tubular batteries for wide range of application.

OPzS Block

Stationary block batteries for small-size systems.

OPzV Block

Stationary block batteries with GEL electrolyte for small-size systems.

L Series

Sealed batteries for passenger coaches.


Interlocking batteries for railway security systems.


Traction batteries for electric forklifts, and warehouse machines.

PzS special

Traction batteries in special design for mining machines.


Starter batteries for ChME locomotive shunters.


Sealed starter batteries for ChME locomotive shunters.


Starter batteries for mainline locomotives.


Starter batteries for mainline locomotives.

Hybrid inverters

Single phase inverters 1,5 to 6 kW.

Battery chargers

Series of fully automated chargers for traction and railway batteries.